Some potencial factors that could have influenced a green or cloudy pool whilst using BLU52:
  1. The pH or total alkalinity has been neglected – test and readjust.
  2. Excess bather load – run pool filter for 48 hrs non-stop. If no change, add additional 200g chlorine and continue with non-stop circulation until clear.
  3. Extreme weather (torrential rain, lightning or heat spells) – check pH and TA, add additional 200g chlorine mid-cycle.
  4. The application instructions were not performed correctly i.e. the booster was distributed in the main pool not the weir. The filter was not left on for 24hr after initial dose of booster etc.
  5. The automatic cleaner was left attached during the initial 24 hr “start-up”. This reduces circulation.
  6. Your pool has not been backwashed recently, should be done every 7 days, or the filter sand needs replacing.
  7. Dysfunction of the pool cleaner and bad circulation.