Try these helpful hints to ensure that your pool sparkles 52 weeks of the year

Taking care of your swimming pool need not take time. It should be simple and easy, giving you more time to enjoy life. BLU52 is the ultimate in pool care and swimming pool maintenance.

  • The pool filter must run for 6 – 8 hours to ensure clarity and cleanliness of water at all times
  • Be sure to replace the filter sand at least every two years to ensure effective filtering of water
  • A backwash must be done weekly regardless of the size of the pool. This cleans and expels all dirt, trapped debris and dust, maintaining clean and clear quality of water.
  • Be sure to backwash for a sufficient period of time; use the visible glass tube on the pump valve selector to check the clarity of water before ending the backwash cycle
  • Following each backwash, a 20min rinse is required to ensure that sand in the pipes is not circulated back into the swimming pool. This skims and expels further dirt, trapped debris and dust from the filter, maintaining clean and clear quality of water.
  • Ensure that the automatic pool cleaner is unplugged when backwashing and rinsing to ensure that sufficient water is introduced into the pipe system and that no strain is put on the pump / motor.
  • Waste must be used when vacuuming debris off the bottom of the pool to ensure that debris is expelled from the entire system and not put back into circulation.
  • It is best to use a vacuum place that attaches to the net pole as this does not disturb debris like an automatic pool cleaner does.
  • During manual vacuuming, be sure to leave the pump on “Waste” to expel debris and impurities lying at the bottom of the pool.
  • BLU52 contains a flocculent to improve filtration; the product will attach itself to algae and unwanted debris will sink to the bottom of the pool, making it easier to vacuum
  • Empty the catchment basket weekly to ensure that the water flows from the filter and into the pump and pool easily. A blockage will limit the efficacy of the filter/pump action.
  • Lowers the possibility of water turning green by removing any leaves or debris that may land in the catchment basket
  • Maintain your swimming pool during winter; this will prevent problems occurring when the summer season starts