Although many regions have been receiving some very welcome rains over the past few months – South Africa is still facing one of the worst droughts in years.  As a result, stringent water restrictions have become a reality across the country to conserve this precious resource. As a pool owner, how can you be more responsible with water conservation efforts? Here are a few ways you can be water savvy while maintaining your pool for the summer.

Check for Leaks

The number one cause of water loss in South Africa is as a result of leaks. A tiny leak in your pool may not seem major, but could translate into a loss hundreds of litres of water each day.

If you suspect a leak in your pool – you can perform the bucket test to confirm. Fill a bucket with water and place it on the first step. After 24-48 hours, if the water level in the pool drops below the bucket – you may have a leak that needs immediate fixing. 

Invest in a Pool Cover

Pool water loss occurs naturally as a result of evaporation, especially during times of warmer weather and heat waves. You can curb this loss and thereby avoid having to top up your pool by purchasing a pool cover.

Collect Rainwater

When the rains do fall, be sure to make the most of it by collecting rainwater run-off from gutters and using it to fill your pool. You can either invest in a water tank system or there are also plenty of DIY options available today to collect water.

Keep the Pool and Filters Clean

Making sure that your pool remains in healthy condition during this time is absolutely critical. Not only will it reduce the need to backwash your pool, but it will also keep it safe and clean for swimmers.  BLU52’s range of products is designed to maintain your pool’s functionality all year round.

Prevent Splash Out

We know, a pool is meant to be enjoyed – but just by being conscious of how much water is lost when jumping in and getting out, and preventing over-excessive horseplay, can go a long way to minimise water loss from your pool.

By practising these simple pool care tips, you can enjoy your pool, conserve water, and even save money in the process. If we all contribute to conservation efforts, millions of litres can be saved throughout the countr