BLU52 Soda Ash is used to increase the pH in swimming pools to ensure the pH level of the water is between 7.2 and 7.6 in marbelite pools.

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Blu52 Convenient Icon

BLU52 does most of the work for you ensuring your pool cleaning experience is quick and simple, no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Blu52 Gentle

BLU52 is safe and gentle on the eyes and skin and creates a safer working environment for you and your family.

Blu52 User Friendly

BLU52 is a simple smart solution to your swimming pool problem. Just follow the easy on-pack instructions to maintain a sparkling blue pool.

Blu52 Kills Algae

Containing algaecides, bactericides and a clarifier to kill algae, BLU52 will keep your pool clear 52 weeks of the year.

Blu52 Sparkling

BLU52 will make your swimming pool a sight to behold, always ready for swimming and always perfectly clear.

Blu52 Fast Acting

BLU52 is fast-acting so that you can get your pool sparkling blue as soon as possible. See the Shock Treatment section for an even faster solution.



  1. With the filter running, sprinkle 1 jug (250g) BLU52 Soda Ash evenly over the pool surface.
  2. Allow 1-2 hours for the water to circulate and then re-test the pH level.
  3. The dosage should be repeated if the pH level is not within the ideal range of between 7.2 and 7.6 in marbelite pools.

Pool Volume = Length x width x average depth
Average depth = (shallowest depth + deepest depth) / 2

For 50 000 litres – Use 500g
For 25 000 litres – Use 250g
For 12 500 litres – Use 125g

Calculate Volume of the Pool.

Pool Volume= Length x width x average depth*
* Average depth = (shallowest depth + deepest depth) / 2